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How can you spread your pet's joy?

Social Media works perfectly for pics and videos. When that isn't enough, you need a partner to provide a real product in your pet's image.

Cuddow Builds You A Better Stuffed Animal

We love our pets so much we decided to make them into stuffed animals! It worked so well that we are now the principal partner of pet influencers across the globe. From start to finish Cuddow creates the plushie in your pet's exact image and sells/ships these stuffed bundles of joy to your fans and followers. You just share in the success and support your choice of a non-profit.

Overview: The Cuddow Process

+ Cuddow handles everything including art, drafting, samples, wholesale, sales, shipping, customer service, etc.

+ Ask yourself: What type of merchandise would best represent my pet?

+ Anyone can throw a picture on a shirt. Don't settle for common merch. Your social media star deserves a personal and specialized service that can create a product that will stay around forever.

+ Our plushies are all handmade and uniquely designed to match your pet exactly. It won't look like any animal; it will be your pet. Reach out today to learn how we can increase your fanbase excitement and loyalty with a personalized plushie.

Your social media star can help pets and others in need! A portion of our plushie proceeds will be sent to a nonprofit of your choice.

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We Specialize In Unique Pets

Don't settle for subpar designs on common merch!

We love all of our non-human friends.

+ Types: You name it - We will create it

+ Size: small, large, thin, short, tall

+ Legs: one, two, three, four, five, plus

+ Tone: furry, hairy, bald, in-between, all of the above

+ Eyes: one, two, more

We want to partner with you!

Sharing the Happiness One Hug at a Time

Our Animals Are Special

At Cuddow we understand your love. We want to help you celebrate and share that joy with your followers. Our company is in the business of sharing these deep bonds to people who can only experience them digitally. With plushies, they actually get something to hug, to snuggle, and sleep next to, just like you.

Cuddow is the leader in social media pet merchandising. From Plushies to all other types of pet specific identify merchandising, Cuddow manages all aspects of the merchandise funnel from product development, to sales, and shipping. Cuddow grows your pet.

Ready to sharing your pet star plushie with the world? Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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