About Cuddow

Who We Are

Cuddow is a fully service social media pet influencer merchandising company. However, we don't stick to the standard plan offering T-shirts and plastic toys. Instead, we purposefully chose to offer unique and handmade plushie in the image of your pet.

We have in-house artists that do all of the design work, product creation, sales, customer outreach, and shipping. At Cuddow we focus on our star products so you can focus on your star pet.

Partner With Us

How We Started

We originally started our company training dogs and other animals as therapy and emotional support partners/pets. However, we quickly realized that most people that needed support couldn't afford these highly trained animals.

How could we reach more people with our love for our furry friends?

We loved following the top social media pet stars just like everyone else. Then it hit us! Why not offer the emotional support and feeling of safety, that you get in a real animal partner, in the form of a stuffed animal?

Plushies are the best of all worlds!

Offering plushies in the form of our favorite pet social media stars gives them that extra sense of connection, comfort, and most importantly -- FUN!

Our Creation Process

Our Ethos

We as individuals and employees of Cuddow promise to always care for our animal friends, family, and life partners. We promise to always acknowledge their needs (even when we already feed them), and we promise to always give them the love that they need, want, and deserve.

We as individuals and employees of Cuddow promise to give you and your social media pet star the same respect as if they were our own. Your job is hard and we acknowledge that. We will always put quality first and be sensitive to your pet, followers, and fans.

Why It Matters

Our Future With You

At Cuddow, our goal isn't to build a massive plushie creating factory. We aren't interested in that at all. Instead, we want to stay the boutique pet influencer plushie partners that we are today. Our size lets us focus on you without being distracted by other corporate needs or bigger partners.

At Cuddow, our goal is to build a better pet star. We want to focus on helping you give back to your followers and fans. Offering them plushies in your pet's image gives them a soft hug and visual reminder of why our love of animals matters.

At Cuddow, every sale gives back to the world with a donation to a non-profit of your choice. We will never give this up.

Donation Process

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